Blue Chip Audio

Land Rover Defender 90

If you have ever experienced an old Land Rover Defender then you probably know how lousy and unimpressive the original sound system is. To add on, the open cabin creates an incredibly harsh environment for sound to travel through clearly. For this project we knew straight out of the gate that we were going to need powerful speakers and amplifiers that could withstand the slight amount of weather that was going to get thrown at them. The project first started off with installing a Pioneer head-unit in the center console where it could be concealed and hidden. The best feature of this upgrade was the Bluetooth connectivity, which is a must to us in this day and age. Continuing on, we then installed both the 8-channel and subwoofer amplifiers beneath the passenger seat, where they sat out of harms way especially when wading in water. The most impressive part of this build can be found within the custom tweeter enclosures on the dashboard and the rear mounted boxes that contained the JL 8″ subwoofers and Focal coaxial speakers. The tweeters were specifically placed to allow us to create the soundstage effect as best as we can in this specific environment. The final touches to this project were adding back lighting the the door and rear speakers to create an ambience while driving at night. In addition, we custom engraved “Defender 90” into the rear speaker enclosures with the specific vehicle number to give it a one of a kind touch.