Blue Chip Audio

PORSCHE 911 / 964 3.3 TURBO

30 revolutions around the sun since its birth, the audio system in this Porsche 911 had deteriorated and become outdated. In addition, this car was in need of more well-rounded and balanced system including an upgrade in bass. For this project, we started with removing the factory head-unit and updating it to the new PCCM head-unit produced by Porsche Classic with CarPlay and Bluetooth technology. Next up was to replace the factory speakers that had deteriorated to dust like many other older Porsches we’ve come across. Even with new speakers the car still lacked to produce low end frequencies, so we created a custom small and factory looking enclosure behind the passenger seat that holstered a 6″ subwoofer. The final piece to all this was using a 5-channel amplifier to power all of the speakers and subwoofer. This specific amp met our need for power, while being small enough to be kept out of sight.